Philippos Tleemon

I am a professional Tarot reader empowering anyone who truly wants it, to discover their authentic self and to find the answers they seek in order to live a fulfilling life.
The life that everyone deserves.

Services & Pricing

Each Tarot session is done through email and all spreads are custom designed to your specific question.

The price of one session is fixed (irrespective of the spread) at $50 (U.S. dollars) or 50€ (Euros).

The price includes the Tarot Answer to your initial question which includes a full analysis of the spread and a summary of the insights discovered. There is no extra charge for answering any clarifying questions that you may have on the reading and on the specific spread.

If an extra spread is required to answer a clarifying question then it will be charged as an extra reading.

No amount will be payable to me, but instead the price of the Tarot session will be a donation to an NGO of your choosing.

Before each session you will be asked to provide proof of the donation via email.

Here are some NGO suggestions:

  • Make a Wish Foundation (


    (iban ): GR 60 0172 0210 0050 2103 2403 315


    (iban ):GR90 0140 1220 1220 0200 2010 774


    (iban ): GR30 0110 7150 0000 7154 7013 137


    (iban ): GR570 260 45 00000 890 2000 38512

  • The Smile of the Child (


    (iban): GR4601401440144002001000011


    (iban): GR8101101160000011629607612


    (iban): GR1501401440144015109000024

Book a reading

The due date for answering your question is 7 days after the request date.

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Code of Ethics

As an ethical, professional Tarot reader I will:

1. Read only for clients over the age of 18.

2. Try to serve the best interests of my clients, with the uttermost respect and without causing any harm or being judgmental.

3. Treat all clients equally, regardless of their ethnicity, gender, age, sexual preferences and religious beliefs.

4. Keep confidential the names of my clients and their personal details, as well as any information discussed during our sessions, unless otherwise requested by them or required by a court of law.

5. Not read for third parties. I will try, depending on the occasion, to rephrase the question together with the querent, so that they are at the center of it.

6. Not read about medical, law or financial issues. If a client brings one of these in a session, then, if it is possible and depending on occasion, I will try to rephrase the question into something that I am able to work with. Either way, I will recommend they consult a licensed and trained professional for advice.

7. Not try to predict or tell the future in any situation. If it is possible and depending on the occasion, I will try to rephrase the question in order to shift the focus towards empowering the querent.

8. Decline a reading if the topic/question involves an unlawful act.

9. Refuse to read on questions concerning/involving children.

10. Not benefit financially from any reading. Any fees arising from the sessions will be given as a donation to an NGO directly from the client.

11. Read on the same topic asked by the same querent, only after a period of 21 days has elapsed between sessions.

12. Respect the querent’s right to end the session at any time they wish.